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4 Nov 2017

Part 1 completed!!

I am now home after close to two months on board Fleur de Passion and The Ocean Mapping Expedition


To defeat the jet lag I’m hitting the studio to go through the many gigabytes of sounds I’ve taken home, develop the music I’ve started on board, and begin mind-building the 3D-sound installation where you’ll be able to experience this music in 2018 – while Fleur de Passion is continuing her journey around the globe until summer 2019.

New to this project? Check out this archived presentation.

Explore the time I’ve been on board for part 1 of this project by scrolling down here on this blog, or jump to day 4 or 37 for jungle trips, day 44 or 46 for night time stories, day 3 or 40 underwater, day 10 or 31 for papuan cities, day 6 or 13 for evening stories.

While building up this adventure I’ve been posting links to readings that have inspired me – you’ll find them down these previous posts.
Here’s more, watch mankind and Earth in this graphic video, support Bloom association’s actions or take a masterclass on conservation.


— A collaboration between me, Aurélie Ferrière, musician c/o Sax Records, and the Pacifique Foundation with its Ocean Mapping Expedition, this project is supported by the City of Stockholm, crowdfunding and the foundation —

26 Feb 2018

Reaktorhallen, a former nuclear reactor underneath Stockholm

See you there in 3 months!!

MUSICOMEXP will premiere on May 26 at Reaktorhallen in Stockholm. Stay tuned!

6 Mar 2018

CAMP invitation and mixtape

27 Mar 2018

MUSICOMEXP @Reaktorhallen: May 26!!!

Confirmed – MUSICOMEXP (the music from A Musician on board The Ocean Mapping Expedition) will premiere on May 26th, in Reaktorhallen in Stockholm 🦑

On that day, this former nuclear reactor under the city of Stockholm will host an immersive live performance of the music I composed within this project, along with discussions and a special prelude.

More european dates will be posted when the website is up, stay tuned!


Bookings only – If you have supported this project via kickstarter, you are invited to this performance and you will need to rsvp to get in. More details a few weeks before the performance. Public ticket sales will start in May.

Help – Would like to help on the day of the performance, or help with organisation in the preceding weeks / days? Email me asap via the project’s campaign page here. Helpers and backers alike have free priority entry (must osa).

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11 May 2018

MUSICOMEXP – A Musician on board The Ocean Mapping Expedition – LIVE

MUSICOMEXP – A Musician on board The Ocean Mapping Expedition – LIVE

16 May 2018


billetto.seMUSICOMEXP – A Musician on board The Ocean Mapping Expedition – LIVE Book your ticket now!


Tickets for Musicomexp’s premiere on May 26 in Stockholm are now on sale! 
Find the Facebook event for the Stockholm performances here.
And check out the new Facebook page here.
Feel free to share and invite everyone you wish!

Confirmed and upcoming dates are as follows:
26 May – Stockholm
7-9 June – Hamburg
8-12 September – Malta
September 2019 – Sevilla, Geneva.

Aurelie Hermit koraller

7 Jun 2018

MUSICOMEXP in Hamburg today!

7 June: Musicomexp inside this cube in Hamburg today!

24 Jul 2018

Walking down towards MUSICOMEXP

Walking down towards MUSICOMEXP