1. Opera in different shapes
2. MUSICOMEXP in the cyber world, and soon live again!
3. Composing in 2020
4. Video and streaming


1. Opera in different shapes

Last year I was trainee by Mariame Clément, opera director for Don Quichotte by Jules Massenet during the 2019 edition of the Bregenz Opera Festival. This production was awarded the Austrian Music Theater Prize in the categories of Best Overall Opera Production and Best Male Leading Role for Gabor Bretz as Don Quichotte. More info here!
The premiere recorded by the Austrian Radio/TV is broadcast by the BBC here, and released on DVD by Naxos.


Opera in different shapes

In June 2020, as the world was waking up from a lockdown, a very special opera production took place in Stockholm. Don Giovanni was staged to close the season of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Berwaldhallen, directed by (and with) Andrew Staples, with Peter Mattei, Malin Byström, etc.
In this production I was assistant director and score supervisor for stage and video. Your last chance to see this special production, it’s only available until Wednesday 9/9!


2. MUSICOMEXP out on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music… – and soon live again

So finally! In the wake of the world’s situation this spring, after all live performances were canceled or postponed, and although MUSICOMEXP is a multi-facetted piece to be experienced live, I decided to let it out in the cyber world for all to enjoy in immersive audio format.
MUSICOMEXP is now available on SpotifyDeezer, Apple, Amazon, or any provider you may prefer. So feel free to CLICK, SHARE and LOOP at any time!

 MUSICOMEXP out on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music…

Again, MUSICOMEXP is delivered in binaural format, is to be heard preferably through high quality headphones ?

Remember MUSICOMEXP is available as an exclusive CD box set with the music, my day log on board the expedition with photos and drawings, and all sailing maps from my time at sea. Get it here!

LIVE?! It looks like the fall may allow small performances for less than 50 listeners in some parts of Europe. As MUSICOMEXP requires specific settings, some canceled performances from the spring, and new ones, might be set in the next few months. Updates will appear when available on Musicomexp or Sax Records.
First stops: the Great Amber Hall of Latvia in September, and a black box in Härnösand in November (do you know where that is?)

BROADCAST! The performance of MUSICOMEXP at Baltic Sea Festival 2019 will be broadcast on the Swedish Radio on September 12, along with a discussion with its author 🙂 Were you there?
Catch the broadcast live or in the following 30 days.


3. Composing in 2020…

Yes that’s what I’ve been up to!
My composition residencies in the spring did not look quite as planned, my time at VICC Visby International Centre for Composers is rescheduled in October 2020. Looking forward to weeks of concentrated work on pieces I started earlier this year. Stay tuned!!


4. Streaming and video

I don’t do video too often as I find it so terribly chronophage, although I have done it in the past (check out CIKATRI$ videos here!)

But now that anything happens, I’ve been working with streamed video, as score supervisor at Berwaldhallen for the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra (though I’m still there sometimes as a mixing engineer). You’ll find some of these streamed concerts here.

If you’re up for something completely unexpected… watch THIS! This is a very special production I did over the summer with our Concertmaster Malin Broman 8 times on screen (and her strad 6 times!!)