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Aurélie Ferrière - musician, tonmeister

Sax Records is my pocket record label and the blog where I write about what I do.

Aurélie Ferrière is a musician, producer and graphic artist from France based in Sweden. She went Bordeaux then Paris Conservatoire in respectively violin and FSMS (Tonmeister). A composer in residence at Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm, Aurélie produces recordings for the National Swedish Radio, program curating and specialized music panel-discussions, and develops immersive content for their classical & experimental channel. Along residencies in Europe like Obras or Camp, she explores tones, space and environment. Her latest music work MUSICOMEXP was created from underwater recordings in the South Pacific on board The Ocean Mapping Expedition, and performed in several special locations in the world and at SXSW, Norberg and Baltic Sea Festivals.